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AutoSave Doesn't Actually AutoSave

April 6, 2017
Woman upset in front of the computer

Many of us trust Microsoft Office’s AutoSave function. We hope it is saving our work every few minutes (if you don’t know how often, please check now or call us and we can check for you). As a Silicon Valley Microsoft Partner, Hybridge has seen many cases where this assumption has led to losing important information, specifically for two of our clients just this past month. This is because AutoSave has a dirty secret – you have to save the file at least once before it will start AutoSaving.

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How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

April 2, 2017
ADA Compliant

Does your business allow wheel chair access and accept service animals? How about provide accommodations for those with vision impairment on your website? Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodation. In this digital age, that includes websites and mobile applications.

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Pi Day and Yahoo's Circle of Life

March 14, 2017
pi day

As you all know, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Although Pi Day isn’t a real holiday and we don’t celebrate circles, they are found everywhere in life. Without circles we would have square pizzas and pies. We also wouldn’t have tires, camera lens, or rings. And perhaps the most important circle is the circle of life (I know, cheesy…but bear with us here).

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Spring Cleaning Your Office Space

March 9, 2017
office spring cleaning checklist

In “Move to Something New: Migrate to the cloud today,” we discussed spring cleaning your office by getting rid of servers and moving to the cloud. But what about spring cleaning your desk and personal space? Cleaning and organizing may be time consuming, but it can make you more efficient and will definitely make your personal space at work feel more welcoming. Here are some steps on how to clean your desk space thoroughly this spring.

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Move to Something New: Migrate to the cloud today

March 2, 2017
torn down office building

In November, Hybridge moved to a new building right down the street from our old location in Redwood City. Throughout the past couple months, we have seen our old building torn down in preparation for the new Stanford Redwood City Campus. Watching this transformation reminded us of the importance of leaving the old behind and embracing something new. And what better time to do that than spring when new beginnings are happening everywhere?

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Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

February 21, 2017
chrome browser logo

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, which web browser do you use? Sometimes you are forced to use one over another due to capabilities of a specific application. However, if you get to choose, Hybridge recommends using Chrome, especially if you use G Suite. Here are some features you should know about Chrome as well as nuances to look out for.

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Valentine's Day Office Guidelines

February 8, 2017
happy valentines day

Valentine’s Day - a day of chocolates, roses, and cheesy greeting cards. Some people love the holiday while others would prefer to just skip over February 14th. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a workday, but that doesn’t mean that the romance and presents should make it into the office. Whether you are lovesick or sick of love, here are some guidelines for how to handle the holiday in your office...

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Email Tips & Tricks

February 3, 2017
Outlook and Gmail

It's estimated that 205 billion emails are sent every day. With that many emails being processed, you need to make sure you are using the best email service and that you know how to efficiently use it. As discussed before in "Time to Switch from Your Obsolete Email Account", Hybridge recommends that you use Gmail through our G Suite service or Outlook with our cloud Microsoft Exchange...

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Technology New Year's Resolutions

January 18, 2017
resolutions arrow sign

Eat healthier. Save money. Start a new hobby. At the beginning of 2017 you probably made a few personal New Year’s Resolutions. But what about resolutions to improve your business, specifically on the technology side? Technology is a vital part of your business that needs to be updated and tested often. Here are some things you’ll want to add to that New Year’s Resolution list:

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Technology trends to look out for in 2017

January 10, 2017
2017 technology

Every year new technology and advancements are introduced to the marketplace. Some are completely new while others are advancements to what is already out there. It’s hard to predict “the next Uber,” but there are a few technology sectors you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2017.

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Tech Gift Ideas from Outside Silicon Valley

December 9, 2016
mBot v1.1

Hybridge is the technology partner for many of the top startups in Silicon Valley, so we see amazing apps and technologies every day.

But for this newsletter we thought we’d highlight a few cool tech gift ideas from outside Silicon Valley. All tried and tested by the Hybridge team.

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Navigating the Holiday Season in Your Office

December 4, 2016
holiday office party

We are in the midst of the Holiday season which means numerous Holiday parties as well as gift buying and giving. You might have the holidays figured out for your friends and family, but what about for your office? December can get a little stressful if you have to plan a Holiday office party and gift exchange, so here are a few tips to help you out.

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Time to Switch from Your Obsolete Email Account

November 22, 2016
gmail, yahoo, and outlook logos

You might have heard about the new MacBook Pros that Apple announced at their Keynote on October 27th. Faster. Lighter. Touch Bar. USB-C. Just like every reveal, Apple absolutely knows how to make their products look appealing. But should you actually buy the new MacBook Pro...

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The New MacBook Pro - To Buy or Not to Buy?

November 10, 2016
MacBook Pro 2016

You might have heard about the new MacBook Pros that Apple announced at their Keynote on October 27th. Faster. Lighter. Touch Bar. USB-C. Just like every reveal, Apple absolutely knows how to make their products look appealing. But should you actually buy the new MacBook Pro...

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Everyone Was Down - But You Weren't!

November 4, 2016
Webpage not available screenshot

Network Attack

On October 21st, a major network attack paralyzed the domain name systems of over a million companies, including Twitter, Box, Spotify, and Netflix. This attack took down the email systems and websites of the victims for several hours...

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Halloween Costumes at Work?

October 6, 2016
Halloween costume ideas

October 31st – a day full of candy and costumes, what’s not to love? Gone are the days when dressing up is just for kids, adults can do it too! But if you want to dress up during the day, you need to check that it is okay with your employer and make sure to wear a work-appropriate costume...

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Top 10 iOS 10 Features

October 1, 2016
iOS10 for iphones

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Then it is time for you to update to iOS 10! This update came out on September 13th and contains many great new features, some of which you might have overlooked. Although iOS 10 is specifically designed for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, it is also compatible with iPhone 5 and up along with iPad 2 and the iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro models. However, we recommend only updating to iOS 10 if you have a 2015 or later iPhone or iPad model...

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Helpful macOS Sierra Features

October 1, 2016
macOS Sierra

It’s time for you to update your Mac computer, or is it? On September 20th, Apple released the macOS Sierra update which has many new features and upgrades, some of which are comparable to the iOS 10 update for iPhones and iPads. Although it has many great features, it still has a couple glitches like most new updates. Therefore, we recommend waiting a couple months before downloading it, especially if you do not have a newer computer...

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Zoom: Video Conferencing Made Easy

September 7, 2016
Zoom video conferencing

Do you often host video web conferences, but still haven’t found a service you like? Try Zoom! You may have seen billboard advertisements with their slogan – video conferencing that doesn’t suck! And it lives up to that hype most of the time. There are many video conferencing options, from the traditional and incredibly expensive Cisco or Lifesize, to the free and okay ones like Skype or Facetime...

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Try These Keyboard Shortcuts

September 2, 2016

Keyboard shortcuts are great! They can help you get things done faster and even eliminate using your mouse or touchpad. You may already know every shortcut there is, or you might not know how to take a screenshot. Whatever your skill level is, check out these basic and handy keyboard shortcuts...

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Slack: A Messaging Application for Your Team

August 30, 2016
Slack messaging app logo

How do you communicate with your team?

Internal communication in companies has significantly changed in the last couple years. One reason for this is Generation Y (aka Millennials) who are the largest generation in America and makeup the majority of the workforce. Millennials grew up with digital communication and expect it in the workplace now too...

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The Importance of Having Fun at Work

August 17, 2016
work party

Work is supposed to be a serious and professional environment at all times, right? Wrong, and that’s been proven! Many studies over the past few decades have invalidated this belief. For example, a 2015 study from the University of Warwick found that happy employees had a 12% spike in productivity while unhappy workers were 10% less productive. A fun workplace not only leads to happier and more productive employees, but also...

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Secure Your Passwords Now!

August 4, 2016
keyboard with password security

Do you use the same password for the majority of your accounts? Do you have a list written down at your desk of all your passwords? Passwords are intended to protect you, your data, and your different accounts, but many people don’t take the extra steps necessary to ensuring protection. Even if you answered no to those questions, there is always room to improve your password security...

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How to Protect Your Office

July 27, 2016
security cameras in use sign

At Hybridge, we stress the importance of keeping your data safe—from creating secure and different passwords to using cloud storage. However, protecting your workplace and personal objects is just as important. It does you no good to secure your data, and then get your computer stolen...

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Google Fiber Acquired Webpass

July 7, 2016
Google fiber acquired Webpass

At Hybridge, we always recommend that our clients use two internet service providers. Why? Well, internet service providers are a lot like airlines - often they have problems and delays, sometimes within their control and sometimes not, and when there is a problem there is not much that can be done besides just wait for them to investigate and fix it...

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How to Survive Sitting at a Desk All Day

July 1, 2016
Sitting at a desk ergonomics

Do you have a desk job that requires you to sit for the majority of the day? Although sitting is relaxing, it can also be painful to do for an extended period of time. Sitting all day may lead to eye strain and pain in your shoulder, back, arm, wrist, and neck. However, there are ways to help avoid and alleviate these pains without having to invest in a standing desk or when the pain persists even with a standing desk...

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Cloud Technology for Your Business

June 17, 2016
Cloud technology

5 Reasons Why Hybridge's Cloud Technology Makes Sense:

1. Security: Putting your data in a professionally managed data center is infinitely safer than a closet in your office where anyone can access the information...

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Applications That Make Traveling Easier

June 10, 2016
travel applications

Summer is here which means warm weather and the chance to travel or just get out of the office for a couple days. A vacation should be fun and relaxing, but sometimes it can also be complicated and frustrating. Luckily, there are applications available to help make traveling easier...

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What to do when you lose your company laptop

May 20, 2016
mobile device management

Mobile Device Management is the answer

An increasingly mobile workforce means that many of your physical assets (computers), and the proprietary corporate data found on those assets, are more often than not out of the confines of your corporate offices...

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Got Bluetooth? Here's How to Find Out.

May 12, 2016
bluetooth logo

More and more devices nowadays use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your computer. But, how do you know if your computer supports Bluetooth?

Here's how to tell if your Windows device has Bluetooth:

Open the Device Manager - Accessing the device manager is a little different for each version...

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Ad-blocking: Now a Necessity

April 27, 2016
ad blocking

While having an anti-virus suite on your computer is extremely important to mitigate risks and viruses, having an ad-blocker is becoming just as important. More and more viruses are now being downloaded directly along with ads – both built in ads in a web page as well as pop-up ads – which are much easier to execute, and therefore potentially much more dangerous. Additionally, many ads now are intrusive, privacy-invading, and just plain rude. Because of these factors we’re recommending....

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Beware of Email Phishing

April 18, 2016
exchange of money through a computer

No, really, it isn’t you when your CFO gets an email from you asking to do a last minute wire transfer. Or one of your customers gets an email to change the account number they normally wire payments to. Or your accountant gets an email to send you a copy of your tax return.

The unfortunate fact is that anyone can put anything they want in the “From” address of an email. ....

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Maintenance for Quickbooks

February 26, 2016
Quickbooks logo

Like any other system or application, QuickBooks needs maintenance and a little TLC.

You may notice over time that QuickBooks performance deteriorates or that it is randomly unable to connect. This results in frustration, lost time and a loss of productivity.

One common cause of this subpar Quickbooks performance can be excessively large transaction log...

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R.I.P. Internet Explorer and Windows 8

January 22, 2016
Internet Explorer tombstone

Microsoft has released information regarding End of Life support (EoL) for a number of their platforms including older versions of Internet Explorer and Windows 8. As of January 12th, Microsoft only supports the most current version of Internet Explorer, which is Internet Explorer 11 and can only be found in Windows 7 and later. In addition...

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How to Close a Locked-Up Program

October 20, 2015
Businessman worried

Have you ever had multiple applications running when suddenly one of the programs just "locks up"? Most likely. While this tip isn't new, it's amazing how many computer users choose to shut down or hard reboot their system. Here's a better way....

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Tips and Tricks for the McAfee Spam Filter

September 24, 2015
McAfee email protection

As a Hybridge client, you have access to the best technology solutions available. One of the latest weapons in our arsenal is McAfee Email Protection.

This vastly improved spam filter will significantly reduce the number of junk emails that will make their way into your inbox. The impact on your organization is minimal as Hybridge manages the upgrade for you. However, it is a departure from how spam email was previously handled and you need to be aware of how it works...

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IT Policies and Procedures: Why every company needs to have them in place

August 14, 2015
IT policy highlighted

IT policies are a critical, yet often neglected area in most growing businesses. Clear policies around data management and ownership (personal versus corporate), email and internet usage, and hardware and software inventory are necessary for the protection of both the company and the employee. Guidelines and written policies in these areas need to be defined, communicated and implemented whether your company has 5, 50, or 5000 employees...

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7 Signs Your PC Memory is Failing

August 20, 2015
computer memory chip

Your computer's memory chips (RAM) will likely outlast most of the other PC components, but on occasion, they do go bad.

Signs of a RAM problem:

1. Your computer freezes up for a few minutes no matter what application you are using.
2. Loading common applications, even small ones, seems to take forever.
3. Your PC randomly restarts when you're in the middle of task...

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Recycle Your E-Waste

July 28, 2015
recycle e waste

Step 1: Move to the cloud

One of the many benefits of the cloud is that you can say good-bye to closets full of hot, dusty servers that were never meant to house hot, dusty servers. As you move your applications to the cloud with Hybridge you can dispose of costly servers, maintenance contracts and expensive software licenses for those servers...

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Avoiding Viruses and Backing Up Your PC

June 23, 2015

Beware of Ransomware

Think before you click! You could lose everything - you are the most powerful tool in system security.

We have seen a recent spike in the number of computers being infected with Ransomware. People’s computers are crypto-lockered: this infection will encrypt all the files within your computer and hold them ransom. The only way to get your files back is to pay the ransom with Bitcoin – a lengthy, difficult and expensive process. If you do not pay the ransom within a certain time frame, the ransom goes up...

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How to Fix a Loud Computer Fan

June 10, 2015
Computer fan

"Is it just me, or is my computer getting noisier and more annoying?" you think to yourself one quiet morning. If your once nearly-silent computer is seemingly getting louder, it probably is the computer and not you imagining it. A computer fan that is always running is a sign that worse things are just around the corner...

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