Recently, our team went on a retreat to Lake Tahoe. To beat traffic, most folks decided to drive up Thursday night for the weekend getaway. However, this didn’t mean that the team got an early weekend. Instead, we set up a support center at the ski house to support our clients and wrap up the week’s work before hitting the snow on Saturday. We took calls, answered tickets, routed calls as needed – just as if we had been in the office. How did we do that? With laptops and softphones!

What are softphones?

A softphone is a program installed on a computer or mobile phone for making and receiving telephone calls through the internet. If you have a VoIP solution for your business phone lines, chances are the provider has a softphone solution that will be tied to your traditional desk line.

With the softphone app, you can mimic your desk phone on your computer or mobile phone when you are away. The softphone can receive and place calls using your business number from any device running the application. This can be done through WiFi, mobile data or internet connection. As long as your device is connected to the internet, the softphone will work.

What do I need for a softphone?

First, you need a VoIP phone solution. Refer to the Hybridge blog Upgrade your Business Phone System for all the benefits associated with VoIP. You can then download the application associated with your service on your device of choice. If you have Hybridge’s VoIP solution, call us and we’ll help you install the softphone on your computer or mobile device. Then you’ll need a microphone and speaker combination such as a headset in order to answer calls on your laptop and you’re ready to go!

Why would I want to use a softphone?

Geographical Flexibility - Softphones give you the ability to take your office phone with you wherever you go, which means you don’t have to miss critical calls even when you are not in the office and you can maintain your office presence while on the road.

Messaging - Traditional office phones don’t have SMS capability, but with your softphone’s software, you are able to send and receive text messages through your office number.

Pricing - Typically softphones and VoIP providers provide financial savings compared to traditional phones.

Less Equipment/No Dedicated Line - No traditional wiring or landline is needed for VoIP phones, and all they need to be effective anywhere is just an internet connection.

These are just a few of the benefits of utilizing your VoIP’s softphone software. If you don’t have a VoIP solution, or if you have one and want to know how to set up the softphone, do not hesitate to contact us at support @ or call us at 888-353-1763.

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