If you have ever thought "Cyber Security shouldn't be this hard", we agree, and we’re here to help. Martin Dunsby, CEO, Hybridge, Inc.

Hybridge is part of a movement to democratize technology, to bring to small businesses the same technology ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness that, as individuals, we take for granted from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Technology today shouldn’t be hard or expensive, yet for most small businesses it is both of those things. Hybridge is working to change that.

Whether it seems like it or not, your interests and the interests of your traditional IT support provider are exactly opposite. The traditional IT industry rewards engineers who experiment and innovate, and rewards IT companies who successfully push their clients to buy new technologies. But for businesses, the bleeding edge, or even the leading edge, is not a good place to be unless your business actually is IT.

The best place, the most stable, reliable, and cost effective place, is to be right in the middle of the pack, with standardized mainstream technology, clearly documented configuration and processes, and no experimentation or learning on the job. Obviously this isn’t exciting for an IT guy or profitable for an IT VAR or support provider, but it is the best thing for your business.

Because of this inherent conflict of interest most small businesses end up with way too much technology, and therefore way too much cost. They also often end up with technologies that are challenging even for a company with a large IT team, so they suffer reliability, performance, and security problems even though they are spending much more per employee than large companies. Worse still, without full-time senior IT management often the basics are neglected, “boring” things like documentation and business continuity constantly get dropped to the bottom of the list, which can have serious consequences.

Hybridge has a better approach. We provide unlimited support for your people and business for a low flat monthly rate. We want your business to get the IT support and services you need at the cost you want. If you have ever thought "IT doesn’t have to be this hard", we agree, and we’re here to help.