Hybridge understands that a strong and secure network is imperative to keep your business running. This is why we use the best equipment when designing your network. We work with a number of different vendors and brands, but Cisco Meraki is our go-to solution for demanding and complex environments. In fact, Hybridge is one of the largest Meraki partners in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

If you are a Hybridge client, you have most likely heard us talk about Meraki Firewall and Access Points. But what exactly is Meraki and why is it our number one choice?

A Little Background

The word Meraki means something done with the soul, creativity, and love. Meraki was founded in 2006 and purchased by Cisco in December 2012. They have many different solutions and equipment including: wireless, switches, network security, systems manager (MDM), communication, and security cameras. These solutions are all managed from the cloud.

Why Cisco Meraki?

Meraki provides a unique combination of security, manageability, analytics, and value for your money. Because of this, Hybridge utilizes Meraki’s wireless and network security solutions for every network infrastructure we design. Both solutions offer exactly what you need for your network.

Network security solution: Firewall

  • Intrusion detection and prevention that protects your network against malicious threats
  • Content filtering that allows you to block inappropriate or harmful content
  • Advanced malware protection that provides enhanced threat defense, contextual visibility, and rapid detection
  • Analytics that show where slowdowns are happening and valuable information such as who is watching Netflix at work

Wireless Solution: Access Point

  • Centralized management from the Meraki Dashboard
  • Location analytics that reveal user visit time and wireless devices
  • Application visibility and controls that identify which applications are being used most often
  • High capacity and performance even in dense and demanding environments

Hybridge Meraki networks are used to power some of the most demanding DemoDays, Hackathons, and Summits in Silicon Valley. If you are interested in redesigning and improving your network, Hybridge can help you get set up with Meraki. Just contact us at info @ hybridge.com or 888-353-1763 for a consultation.

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