If the sprinklers go off over your server, is your data safe? How long will it take you to get back in business? Or are you still using tape backups or insecure manual copies to external hard drives? It’s time to look for a comprehensive solution that will ensure your business will survive catastrophic data loss!

A key service that Hybridge provides its clients is ensuring their data is backed up and safe. We approach backups with a multi-prong approach that balances the best aspects of cloud backups, onsite full image backups, and file system revision control. This way, you never have to worry about your data. If anything happens, it can be recovered.

What are the different methods?

  • File Revision Control with Volume Shadow Copy: Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) takes regular snapshots of a file system. This allows scheduled backups of your data and provides the fastest option to restore a file when it has been deleted or modified incorrectly. Recovery is quick and revisions are easy to browse.
  • Windows Server Backup: In the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, Windows Server Backup is the best and fastest possible restore of a functional server including all files, programs, permissions, and Active Directory data. This system can be used to restore to another system, even if hardware is not identical. The primary downside of this backup is that it is not incremental, and is only local.
  • Encrypted Cloud Backup : Cloud backup completes the backup solution by putting critical data from your server into the cloud. The cloud aspect of cloud backup is what makes it so important. If there is a fire, a pipe bursts, a burglary, etc., cloud backup is where we will turn to get you back in business quickly. It doesn’t just give you an offsite backup solution, it also gives you file revisions and an encrypted local cache. You can either browse and see the last date a file changed or you can specify a complete restore of dataset from a specific date.

There are pros and cons to all backup systems. Sure, downloads can take some time and there are size and hardware limitations; however, ensuring your data is safe and protected outweighs everything else.

A Fully Managed Solution

Hybridge creates a thorough backup strategy for our clients that suites their specific environment. We may use one or more backup methods depending on your business needs. Hybridge actively monitors and manages all backup systems to ensure that your data is protected. The backup systems mentioned above (Windows Server Backup & cloud backup) generate daily reports that Hybridge monitors. If there’s a problem with backups Hybridge will be notified and will actively pursue a solution.

If you are a Hybridge client, we already have a backup plan in place and we can review it with you. If you are not a Hybridge client, contact us at info @ hybridge.com or 888-353-1763 right away because your data needs to be backed up securely, locally, and in the Cloud.

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