The Dark Shadows Research team also found that of these 24.6 billion, approximately 75% for sale were not considered to be unique, meaning the same password is currently being used for another purpose.

While most credentials listed on the Dark Web are for personal accounts rather than enterprise-level accounts, credentials that give access to corporate systems including words such as “invoice” and “payments” always sell at a higher price and are prioritized on the Dark Web. Unfortunately, this means enterprise-level account takeovers have never been easier for bad actors.

It is possible, however, to stay protected, even when you and your business’ digital footprint grows each day.

To keep your information safe, follow three simple best practices:

  • Keep passwords long and complex
  • Never use the same password twice
  • Use two-factor authentication on everything that you can

If you are wondering whether a password manager would be a good solution for you, please refer to our blog on password managers here.

If you are worried your business’ credentials might be compromised and listed on the Dark Web, please reach out to us at 650-421-2000 or at info (at) We can run Dark Web data breach reports on your company’s domain as part of our cyber security and defense packages.

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