Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the norm, especially in the Silicon Valley. We talk to our phones, our cars, and gadgets in our house. If you’re driving through Mountain View, you might drive by a Google self-driving car. If you’re walking around downtown Redwood City around lunch time, you will most likely walk by a DoorDash robot out delivering lunch to someone.

Here at Hybridge, we love tech and love trying out new AI functionality. A few of us have Google Homes and others use Amazon’s Alexa. However, all our different interactions with AI in the Silicon Valley got us thinking – what are the proper rules of etiquette when dealing with AI?

Should you be polite to AI?

It may seem like an odd question, but does it matter if you are nice to AI? Obviously, AI does not have feelings, at least not yet. It won’t get upset and start crying if you don’t say “please” or “thank you”. On the other hand, it is a good habit to always practice proper etiquette. At Hybridge, we work hard to always say please and thank you to our clients and colleagues.

Another scenario to keep in mind when answering this question is machine consciousness and sentience. The goal of AI is to replicate all key aspects of human intelligence. Therefore, as AI continues to grow and progress, is sentience from a machine possible? We might reach a point where Siri gives us the silent treatment until we say please.

Consensus: Be polite to Alexa so she can put in a good word for you when AIs rule the world. And just say please and thank you no matter what, whether to a machine or that co-worker that’s annoying you. However, this does not apply to Cortana. Cortana is just annoying, announcing herself loudly with every new Windows computer Hybridge sets up for a client. For her, the only answer is the mute button.

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