You are sheltering in place and so are the bad guys! Now they have even MORE time to come up with ways to hack you and rob you of precious information and money.

Here are some of the Coronavirus related scams you should be watching out for:

Interactive infection maps – maps of infection rates and death around the globe. The data is actually ACCURATE, but to interact with the map, you have to download it, and when you do so, a keylogger gets installed as well that can steal passwords and information. The user will likely not know they are infected and will propagate the infection to users in their network. This nifty application is for sale on the dark web for a few hundred dollars making it widely available for use.

Phishing emails from:

  • A friend or a co-worker reporting infection – who is not going to open that up? Don’t click on any links or attachments and call the sender to verify if true.
  • The WHO – The World Health Organization – important emails from the WHO with updates on the virus – of course not the WHO – they don’t have your contact information, and that isn't their website or Dropbox account
  • Proven home remedies or preventative treatments - all you have to do is click on the link....
  • NextDoor, your children's school, or local government agencies with infection updates for your area at the other end of a link..
Remember, never click on or believe anything in email (or text or Facebook or WhatsApp).

Free movies on the Internet- don't want to spend $20 on Trolls World Tour? If you search Google you'll find lots of options for watching it free, as long as you download the malwayre-infected 'movie player' app to watch it.

Financial scams - companies that are on the verge of a breakthrough vaccine or cure – and they only need a little funding. Or GoFundMe pages for a friend or favorite restaurant that are not really from them, or a request to Western Union money to a sick or laid off relative.

Phone calls from scammers pretending to be a medical professional that needs personal or financial information before treating an infected relative, or needs money for their hospital bill.

If you If you are a Hybridge client and you are uncertainly about the authenticity of any email or web popup, firstly you are almost certainly correct it is fake, but if you'd like to call us please do. Just remember, never click, never believe.

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