Pen Testing as it is commonly known, involves attacking your network and all devices on your network in order to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by third parties. Different hacking techniques and sophisticated tools are employed to try to break down existing defenses and identify any unpatched vulnerabilities to gain access to corporate resources.

If you are looking into Pen Testing, it is likely that you have been tasked with security and compliance efforts for your company. While your security policies and their effective implementation are the cornerstone of your security program, without actually testing your security measures, you will not know how effective they actually are, or if you have devices on your network outside your standard security regime. In addition, most compliance regimes require regular Pen Testing of your networks and devices.

If you have any questions regarding Pen Testing or if you are wondering if your company needs Pen Testing, please reach out to us at info @ and we will help you decide if this a security measure that is needed or beneficial for your enterprise.

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