Hybridge has been working with many of our Venture Capital/Private Equity clients to run virtual investor meetings for them to replace the now obviously impossible in-person Annual LP Meetings.

If you are planning a virtual event and are a Hybridge client we’ll be glad to help setup and run the technology for the show, and if not here are a few tips and tricks to consider.

  • Have a clear Run of Show document which details the timing, sequence of presenters, whether they are talking or presenting (i.e. fire-side chat vs. single presenter with a deck), who is on mute vs. not, who is introducing presenters, then rehearse using the run of show document.

  • Test early and often – early testing is essential, days earlier for key events, and with all presenters to check their audio and video settings and allow time for fixing problems or making alternative location arrangements if necessary. Practicing transitions between presenters is amongst the most important and most visible parts of the presentation to ensure you have a professional look and feel to your webinar. This is especially necessary if using translators or a non-Zoom platform.

  • Consider pre-producing video, especially if not using Zoom – avoiding the “let me just share my screen” pauses can be achieved by using a video pre-processor like OBS or mmhmm. These also give additional benefits such as adding titles, frames, disclaimers, and other video effects not available natively in the meeting apps.

  • Use real backgrounds, not virtual – besides being much more professional, using a real background avoids the distracting fuzzy halo effect of virtual backgrounds and significantly improves overall video quality and stability, especially on mid-range laptops. Think out of the box for background, for example we recently helped a client who hosted their meeting on the courtyard outside their office, which looked great. If a virtual background is preferred or even required then it is absolutely best to have a real green screen and significant front lighting, eliminating the fuzzy halo and disappearing limbs you are likely used to seeing by now.

And for the basics for presenters regarding audio and video, please refer to our recent blog posts.

A well-produced and problem-free LP meeting will help your reputation with your investors, and can be done with sufficient planning and preparation. If you'd like more information about ways to make your virtual meetings better, contact us at Hybridge.com.

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