A little over a year ago Hybridge moved about 100 yards down the street. Our old office building and the surrounding buildings were demolished to make way for Stanford University’s new Redwood City campus. Over the past 14 months we have watched huge teams come in to perform many different projects – demolish the buildings, level the land, redo the surrounding roads and cabling, and begin building numerous structures. It is awe-inspiring to watch this huge project come to fruition in such a short amount of time.

The strides the construction team made on the many different projects was only possible because of planning and teamwork. Hybridge also uses these characteristics for our business. Although our projects are not as complex as building a new campus, we strive to complete them in a timely fashion through teamwork and thorough planning and implementation.

Do you need help with a project this year? Every month we complete multiple projects for our clients. We can help your company with:

  • Office moves
  • Improving your network
  • Implementing a new phone system
  • Migrating your business to the cloud (email, phones, filesharing, etc.)
  • Updating your website
  • Asset tracking
  • IT Policy creation

Hybridge capitalizes on our close knit team and great project managers to complete IT projects for your company. If you need assistance with an IT project, contact us today at info @ hybridge.com or 888-353-1763.

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