What is the biggest risk or threat to your organization’s data? Many people would answer hackers. Although hackers are the underlying cause, employees present a bigger risk by unknowingly granting hackers access to your organization’s data. The number one way hacker’s gain access? Email breaches through phishing emails.

Intermedia (Hybridge’s business cloud partner) conducted a survey of over 1,000 full time office workers in 2017. In this survey, they found that one in seven respondents are not confident in their ability to detect phishing emails or do not even know what phishing is. They also found that one in five office workers have been victim to a phishing email. According to the FBI, phishing led to $5 billion in losses due to business email compromises between October 2013 and October 2016. As phishing emails and hackers evolve, it will become more difficult to distinguish phishing emails from actual emails. Therefore, the best answer to lowering the chance of an email breach is educating all employees on a regular basis.

Hybridge can help with this education!

If you don’t know what phishing emails are or if you are unsure how to avoid this scam, don’t worry, you are not alone. For a deeper explanation as to what phishing is and how to avoid it, read Hybridge’s article "How to avoid getting hooked by a phishing scam". If you are a Hybridge client and are ever unsure about an email, send it to us at support @hybridge.com and we will verify the email for you.

When all else fails, DO NOT trust an email or a link in an email, ever!

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