Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media applications and it boasts Millennials as the largest user demographic. Marketing on Instagram is relatively easy, and the application seamlessly integrates sponsored material into its content making almost any advertising campaign seem authentic.

While precise hashtags can help increase visibility, and the purchasing feature can help business such as retailers earn direct sales, Instagram is not for every business.

Even if Millennials are your target market, you must take a good look at your company’s culture and image and assess whether it is in sync with Instagram’s overall messaging and philosophy. Instagram focuses on creativity and trendiness, which are good schemes for fundraisers and retailers, but might fail to capture the true essence and culture of a business that offers services such as law, health, or cybersecurity. In such instances, a tool that conveys professionalism and credibility might be more useful.

The key to Instagram, like any other social media endeavor, is consistency. Your content needs to be fresh, and refreshed often, or you may end up creating the opposite impression of a hip and insightful company that can easily keep up with today’s changing trends.

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