Summer is in full force, and with that, a lot of individuals and families will be going on vacation. Either the kids are out of school or you just want to enjoy the sunny weather. If you are still trying to decide on where to go for a nice vacation, Hybridge recommends some fun and interesting tech spots you can enjoy with friends or family!

Bay Area Favorites

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Livermore, CA: Founded by the University of California Berkeley, is a great and family-friendly environment that focuses on national security, environmental security, and general sciences
  • Computer History Museum - Mountain View, CA: Dedicated to artifacts of the Information Age, including things such as an actual Google Street View car or an area dedicated to Internet History
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation – San Jose, CA: For the inner geek in you, the Tech Museum of Innovation has interesting exhibits such as an earthquake simulator, a build-your-own-robot experience, or even various Star Wars Jedi Tech science workshops

Looking to travel a little further?

  • Akihabara – Tokyo, Japan: A buzzing shopping hub famed for its hundreds of electronics retailers which range from tiny stalls to large department stores carrying anything from the newest gadgets to vintage goods
  • Space Camp - Huntsville, Alabama: Available for children AND adults, working in simulated NASA and ESA missions to have fun, be creative, and learn a lot on the way. If you enjoy rockets, space, and aviation, this is the place for you
  • Boeing Factory – Everett, Washington: The world’s largest building by sheer volume with all the planes your heart desires, with access to watch the huge 747s being assembled right before your eyes
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