October is here! With that comes confusing weather (do I wear a jacket or not?), pumpkin flavored everything, and of course, Halloween. This year, October 31st falls on a Tuesday which means you will most likely be spending your day at work. However, there are ways to still celebrate the holiday even if you are at your desk most of the day.

Halloween Workplace Ideas:

Halloween at the Hybridge office means listening to Spooky Scary Skeletons every day in October. But there are multiple ways to celebrate the holiday in your office.

  • Bring candy – Everyone loves candy! This is a good way to celebrate the holiday and give something enjoyable to your coworkers.
  • Decorate your desk/office – Go crazy with fake spider webs, witches, and ghosts. For DIY ideas, check out here. Just keep in mind that it needs to stay in your space and not distract your coworkers. Yes, that means no loud noises or fog machines.
  • Wear a costume – Last year we published an article on "Halloween Costumes at Work?". Dressing up is a great way to have fun and get in the holiday spirit. You can even have an office competition. Just make sure your boss approves and you don’t have any big meetings on October 31st.
  • Throw an office party – Throw a Halloween party at the end of the day or go to a local Happy Hour. Even though it is on a Tuesday, Halloween is the perfect excuse for the office to relax and have a little fun at the end of the workday. It’s also a great opportunity for team bonding.

The most important detail to keep in mind is that some people love Halloween and decorating, while others could care less. However you decide to celebrate (or not), don’t impose on your coworkers.

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