Network Attack

On October 21st, a major network attack paralyzed the domain name systems of over a million companies, including Twitter, Box, Spotify, and Netflix. This attack took down the email systems and websites of the victims for several hours.

If you are a Hybridge client, your email did not go down. Want to know why?

One of the many services that Hybridge provides to our clients behind the scenes is an extremely high quality, geographically-distributed DNS infrastructure. This provides very fast name resolution (if we host your website you will likely have noticed that your website loads much faster than the websites of your competitors), and also makes it highly resilient to attacks such as these.

If you are a Hybridge client, your email did not go down.

Hybridge is constantly working to improve

Of course systems can always be made stronger, and that is what we have just done. In addition to the DNS servers that successfully resisted the attack, we have added an additional entirely separate redundant DNS infrastructure for our clients and for the Hybridge systems you rely on. This additional provider is based in Switzerland, giving us substantial regional diversity in addition to corporate diversity.

This is just one more example of how Hybridge is always working to secure and protect your data, and give you the best infrastructure possible.

If you want more information about your infrastructure or want help making it stronger, contact us via email at info at or phone, 888-353-1763.

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