Software security updates

Software security updates are what keep your computer healthy, running smoothly, and most importantly, keep it protected from many silent attackers and newly released viruses.

At Hybridge we understand how frustrating it can be to have a system update message come up and request a restart in the middle of the work day. However, even more frustrating would be to lose all your work to a virus that has found its way in through your computer’s weaker defense system. Please don’t ignore these alerts and take the time to reboot your computer so that they can take effect.

Anti-virus alerts

Anti-virus alerts inform you of a found threat already in your system. Procrastinating on running security updates will make it easier for outside threats to find a way into your computer. If you ever see one of these alerts, save your work and call us immediately.

It is recommended that you do not ignore any software update notifications or alerts. If the request to update pops up in the middle of the day, save your work and run the update. If a restart is required, it is okay to wait until the end of day as long as you don’t forget to do it later.

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