Back to the Office


    ✔ Have a plan! Think about how your network, internal communication, and space management will need to be updated

    ✔ Contact Hybridge for office upgrade recommendations and review of your current infrastructure

    • Plan Ahead - due to current global supply chain constrains most equipment is back-ordered by several months


    ✘ Forget to properly take care of your e-waste. Before a machine can be fully decommissioned and e-wasted, data must be thoroughly purged. It must then be properly recycled

Hybrid Working


    ✔ Have Hybridge install at least one Zoom Room in your office space for team calls

    • Take advantage of our VoIP phones that let you have your business lines anywhere - home, cell phone, etc. without messy forwarding to your personal numbers

    ✔ Use hot desk organizers, such as these from Hotbox so your hybrid workers can easily take home all of their equipment from the office


    ✘ Forget to be flexible and patient -- it might take a while for your office to reach peak performance while these adjustments are being made

Windows 11


    ✔ Wait a bit longer for Windows to come out with additional security patches before downloading

    ✔ Remember that Windows 10 will be supported until 2025


    ✘ Believe all of the hype and download Windows 11 for at least several more months

For more in-depth information on the highlights from above, please visit the following past blogs:

While 2021 brought its struggles, it additionally made us stronger by testing our ability to adapt. We can be sure that 2022 will bring its own surprises, but we will be ready, together. Thank you for trusting Hybridge to be your IT provider, we look forward to helping your business grow for many more years to come!

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