Eat healthier. Save money. Start a new hobby. At the beginning of 2017 you probably made a few personal New Year’s Resolutions. But what about resolutions to improve your business, specifically on the technology side? Technology is a vital part of your business that needs to be updated and tested often. Here are some things you’ll want to add to that New Year’s Resolution list:

Technology Resolutions:

  1. Revamp your IT – See where you can leverage new technology (hardware and software) to improve your business processes and reduce cost. If you need help figuring this out, give us a call!
  2. Transition to the cloud – If you haven’t already, now is the time for your office to move to the cloud. This will provide you with improved security, easier accessibility and scalability, and reduced costs.
  3. Look at your IT strategies – If you already have IT strategies in place, it might be time to update them. You want to make sure your IT strategy integrates seamlessly with your corporate strategy and covers the next 3 to 5 years. It should cover technology, cost, hardware and software, vendor, and risk management.
  4. Create IT policies – Make sure your business has updated IT policies. Most importantly, this includes an accurate and tested Business Continuity Plan to protect against common scenarios including lost laptops, disk failure, and cryptolocker attacks.

Hybridge has helped many San Francisco companies migrate to cloud platforms such as G Suite and prepare appropriate IT strategies and policies. Let us help you with your technology New Year’s resolutions! Contact us at info at or 888-353-1763.

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