We know you are probably sick of hearing about the cloud, but especially now, having the key applications that run your business be cloud-based will give you distinct advantages and flexibility over businesses that continue to run servers in their closet.

Let’s review the key services you should have moved to the cloud:

Email – there is no reason any business should be paying for hardware and maintenance for servers that house corporate email. Whether Exchange or Google, the overall cost reductions, flexibility, availability, and security of cloud email solutions far outweigh any perceived, and likely inaccurate, benefits of having email in house.

Phones - Hybridge VoIP phone solutions means you can take your business phone with you anywhere. Find me-follow me on your mobile, use your computer as your business phone, even have a full call-center in the cloud, making your team truly able to work from anywhere. Additionally, there are many features and services available with Hybridge VoIP that are either not available or incredibly expensive on the PBX-based systems of the past. Please refer to this blog on the benefits of VoIP for your business.

Collaboration tools – Google Drive, Dropbox, Box – they will all allow you to access securely key company information remotely without having to access a file share server or remote into the office. Additional security features, tracking, compliance, and automatic backups make these platforms the ideal solution for almost all businesses.

Applications - Salesforce, Xero, QuickBooks, Yardi, TAM/EPIC - almost all vertical applications offer a hosted or cloud-based version of their product. Reach out to Hybridge or the sales team of the key applications used by your company and learn the benefits, and the challenges, of moving those applications to the cloud.

Communication – between phishing attacks, basic spam, and the dreaded CC, email is losing its role as the primary internal communications tool. Realtime, secure platforms, led by Slack and Google Hangouts, are relegating email to "FYI" communication.

The cloud offers:

  • Location-independence
  • Far greater security
  • Reduced costs
  • Scalability
  • Collaboration efficiency
  • Mobile-friendliness

If you still have any local apps and would like to discuss cloud migration options please email us at info at hybridge.com and we'll be glad to help

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