COVID cases in the Bay Area rose significantly at the end of summer and remain elevated, as of this writing we are at an 8% positivity rate. Additionally, with the coming of Winter, you can expect the flu and other respiratory viruses to return in force.

This is a great time for you to review and refresh your COVID-19 and health guidelines. It is important for employees to know what the expectation is before they get sick. Clear and concise guidelines on what to do when they start feeling ill, when they are ill, and once they are no longer ill, when they can return to work, will help everyone manage these eventualities more easily. It will also allow managers to plan for employee absences. The CDC has updated its guidelines for COVID-19, and you can either adopt or modify these guidelines to suit your organization. Remember that for many COVID is just another virus that unfortunately is now part of our lives. For others, there is still a great deal of fear and anxiety around this illness, and for some, additional risks need to be considered.

Whatever your office policies are, make sure they are updated, circulated, and posted visibly. The US government is once again providing free testing kits through the mail. If you are going to require people to test before coming back to the office, you may want to encourage them to get free testing kits. There is a new vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna released in late September and the Novavax vaccine was approved for individuals 12 and older.

In addition to policies, reinforcing hygiene practices in the workplace will help everyone stay healthy longer. If you revised your WFH policy, revisit it and make sure it is up to date and reflects the company’s latest guidelines in this area.

As always, communication is key. Address concerns and answer questions promptly to reduce anxiety and rumors.

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