Online data backups are a crucial component of your IT strategy. Computers can be lost, stolen or simply crash, taking with them invaluable data. With the appropriate backup platform in place, you can mitigate the effect of a potentially catastrophic data loss.

Managed backups

If you are a Hybridge client, you have the option of enrolling in our managed encrypted laptop backup service. This means that Hybridge sets up, manages, and in the case of a data loss, will retrieve and restore the lost data on to a new computer.

We install backup software on your laptop, and backups run in the background at specific intervals and take snapshots of your data so that it can be restored if it becomes necessary. This is an easy and reliable solution as the user does not have to do anything in order to have their data backup. While there is a cost associated with online backups, enterprises need to take into account the cost of irretrievably losing key data. Additionally, the enterprise can be assured that their intellectual property is secure and that it has access to whatever data is backed up.

Self-service backups

Applications like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive also come with the ability to do computer backups. This is done by the user, who enables this feature in the streaming component of their collaboration tool and then selects the folders to be backed up.

The biggest advantage of Google and Microsoft self-service backups is that there is no additional cost to the enterprise or the user since their Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 license comes with a certain amount of included online storage. The challenge is that it requires the user to enable the service, select the right data to be backed up, and if the backup cycle breaks for some reason, there are no alerts or monitoring so that the user, and certainly the enterprise, will not know that backups are not up to date exposing the company to data loss. Also, users can delete the backups themselves, which means the backups don’t protect you against a malicious employee.

Hybridge provides a number of backup options for our clients, including server, computer, and cloud platform backup, as well as compliant archiving. For computer backup we will be transitioning to a new backup model offering unlimited data backups - be on the lookout for communications regarding this change.

If you have any questions about backups, or are unsure whether your computer is being backed up and you are a Hybridge client, reach out to support at

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