My Apple Watch just buzzed again and told me, “Check your rings. Your exercise ring isn’t as far as it normally is at this time.” If you are part of the population that wears a smart watch, you’re reminded if you are being lazy and sitting at your desk for too long. Although Apple gets a little passive aggressive at times, it is a good reminder to get up and move around. However, it is difficult to be active when you have a desk job that requires you to sit at a computer all day. Here are a few tips that will get your smart watch off your back and create a happier and healthier you.

Tips to stay active:

  1. Force yourself to stand – Sitting at a desk all day is linked to multiple health risks. This is why many companies, including Hybridge, provide their staff with sit/stand desks and ergonomic workstations. If a new desk or workstation isn’t an option, you can also just buy a riser for your computer so you can stand at a regular desk.
  2. Get an exercise ball – Sitting in a chair does not require you to use any muscles. However, if you sit on an exercise ball during the day instead, you are forced to sit up straight and strengthen your core.
  3. Take a break – Get up and take a walk around the office or go outside and walk around the block if you can. Even just a 5 min walk every hour can help. Additionally, try taking your full lunch break and go to a quick workout class or go for a run.
  4. Change your commute – If you live close enough to the office, walk or ride your bike to work. If that isn’t an option, try parking a little further away than normal so you get more exercise before and after work on the walk to your car.
  5. Take the stairs - Although the elevator is easy, quick, and inviting, try taking the stairs to get to your office. This allows you to easily get in more exercise every day.
  6. Standing or walking meetings - Instead of sitting in a conference room with your co-worker for a 15 minute check-in meeting, suggest going for a walk outside. This allows you to get fresh air, and exercise while also meeting about a new project.

Physical activity can help relieve stress and give you a mental break. This will lead to you feeling happier and healthier and even being more productive at work. Listen to your watch the next time it tells you to stand up or get those extra steps in!

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