The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the hidden foundation of the Internet. Every Internet service, from your email and website to Instagram and TikTok, depends on DNS.

DNS Defined

DNS can be thought of as the Internet’s address book. All apps connect to their servers using their IP addresses. The main job of a DNS service is to translate domain names (like into IP addresses (like, so an app like your Chrome can connect to our website.

Why You Want Fast and Reliable DNS

DNS lookups on a typical free Network Solutions or GoDaddy DNS server take 40-200 milliseconds each. While this doesn’t sound like much, when you take into account that even the most simple web pages usually require dozens of DNS lookups, the impact of a slow DNS is huge.

Google ranks websites on how fast their DNS responds. Your site visitors are likely to abandon if your site takes a second or more to respond to all the requests on a given page. Plus, slow is just bad!

If your DNS is down then everything to do with your domain, your website, sending and receiving emails, Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, Enterprise Zoom, is also down.

DNS also tells email recipients which systems can send email on your behalf (like Google, Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.), so if your emails are going to spam it is likely your DNS is misconfigured.

A fast, correct, and reliable DNS is a big deal.

Free DNS

Most domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Network Solutions, include “free” DNS service with domain registration. As is often the case though you get what you pay for. Free DNS hosting is fine for personal email, just be aware that usage is tracked and analytics are sold. Performance is generally slow and inconsistent, and you are at the mercy of the domain registrar to backup and support your DNS. Free DNS should NOT be used for any corporation that cares about being reached over the Internet.

Premium DNS

If you are a Hybridge client we provide and manage a Premium DNS service for you. Hybridge Premium DNS uses several server clusters distributed around the world on an ultra-high performance Multicast network. As an additional failsafe we perform daily zone transfers to an entirely separate European-based provider for ultimate resilience. Settings are backed up daily, access control is strictly controlled via 2 factor authentication, and, of course, performance is many times faster than free DNS.

Do you have free DNS now? Contact us today so we can help you enjoy the benefits of Hybridge Premium DNS.

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