...not the one in Africa, the one around the world where all Windows 7 users have, or are in the process of, migrating to Windows 10. Why? There was no choice. As of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft no longer supports the Windows 7 Operating System.

So now that you have, or will soon get, a shiny new computer, what should you do?

Make sure you have all your data. If you are a Hybridge customer, we copied and verified with you that all your data and applications were transferred to your new computer. Additionally, we have online backups of your data. If you are not a Hybridge customer, review your folders, bookmarks, desktop and make sure all your critical data was transferred to your new computer and make sure you have a backup of your old computer.

No, you cannot keep it as a backup. It seems counterintuitive to get rid of a seemingly perfect computer. However, if you made the decision to replace your computer and not upgrade it, it was for a reason. That computer now represents an unsecure gateway to be exploited by the next new virus to come along that Microsoft will not provide a security patch.

Get rid of the old computer, properly. There is no real “wiping” of data that will allow you to permanently delete your personal and corporate data from your hard drive. Any savvy user will be able to restore what has been “deleted” and therefore compromise you or your company. You will need to remove the drive and physically render it unusable. You should then e-waste the computer properly by calling one of the many companies that specialize in e-waste management. If you are a Hybridge customer, we will pick up your e-waste for you and destroy the drives.

We understand this process is cumbersome and time-consuming. However, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of your infrastructure and to secure your data. Better this process than trying to fight fake identities associated with your social security or to find corporate IP on your competitor’s website.

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