With any major software upgrade it’s always best to first make sure you have a good backup and then wait a few weeks so that any bugs not caught during the beta release are found and remedied. That said, Mojave appears to be a very minor operating system update with most changes limited to aesthetics and bundled apps—nothing substantially different like the file system change in High Sierra, the previous macOS update which caused some issues for users that were upgrading, especially those with older hardware.

Hybridge has been testing Mojave, here are a few highlights of what we like:

Dark Mode

For the last few releases you’ve always been able to make your menu bar have a dark theme, but this release goes further by making finder windows and other icons darker.


Mojave can reduce clutter by grouping similar file types on your desktop into stacks. For instance, maybe your desktop is cluttered with PDFs or images, with stacks these will be grouped into a single icon that can be expanded.

Improved Screenshot Tool

Now you can go straight into an edit mode when you take a screenshot, handy for when you need to highlight something.

iOS Apps!

Mojave now supports iPhone iOS apps including News, Stocks, and Voice Memos, and while this might be initially underwhelming, hopefully we see this expand to 3rd party iOS apps in the near future.

If these aesthetic updates sound interesting, and you are already on High Sierra and you have at least 8GB of RAM and a Mac no more than 3 years old, then the upgrade is available in iTunes and we recommend you install it after waiting for the bugs to be remedied.

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