Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Then it is time for you to update to iOS 10! This update came out on September 13th and contains many great new features, some of which you might have overlooked. Although iOS 10 is specifically designed for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, it is also compatible with iPhone 5 and up along with iPad 2 and the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models.

However, Hybridge recommends only updating to iOS 10 if you have an iPhone 6 or later or an iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, or iPad Pro.

What does the upgrade entail?

  • Raise to wake feature – Simply pick up your iPhone and it’ll “wake up.”
  • Press home to unlock – Instead of “swipe to open,” Apple has switched to accessing your phone by pressing the home button.
  • 3D Touch – Although this feature first came out with iOS 9, it was upgraded more with iOS 10. But it is only available with iPhone 6s and above. Depending on the amount of pressure you place on your display, you can access different settings in apps and notifications. For example, pressing harder on apps gives you quick options to access within the app.
  • Upgraded lockscreen notifications – You can now read and reply to texts from your lockscreen. You can also use 3D touch to show other hidden menu options within notifications on your lockscreen.
  • Control Center upgrade – Now when you swipe up from the bottom, the control center is less cluttered and broken into different screens. Music controls now have their own screen that appears when you slide right.
  • Lockscreen extras – On the lock screen, when you slide right you get the camera. Sliding left gives you different customizable widgets.
  • Siri upgrade – Siri can now access some third party apps. For example, you can tell Siri, “I need a Lyft to take me to SFO.” And she will request a Lyft ride for you through the app.
  • Photos – iOS 10 now does what Google Photos has been doing. It can create “Memories” by piecing together photo albums and creating mini movies based on location and times.
  • Voicemail and calling – There are now transcriptions for voicemails (although that feature is still not always accurate). You can also be warned if an incoming call is “possible spam.” WhatsApp calls are also integrated into the regular call feature.
  • iMessage – Perhaps one of the biggest upgrade and add-ons is found in iMessage. Emojis are now three times larger when sent alone. You can also easily replace words with emojis and add things such as invisible ink, tapbacks, bubble effects, digital ink and stickers from the gray arrow on the left of your message.

Like all new updates, there have been some reported problems. The most common problems revolve around downloading the update or rapid battery drain. If you are a Hybridge client and are having problems with iOS 10, please contact us via email at info at or phone, 888-353-1763, and we will try to help you with the problem.

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