Do you often host video web conferences, but still haven’t found a service you like? Try Zoom! You may have seen billboard advertisements with their slogan – video conferencing that doesn’t suck! And it lives up to that hype most of the time. There are many video conferencing options, from the traditional and incredibly expensive Cisco or Lifesize, to the free and okay ones like Skype or Facetime. Meanwhile, services like Google Hangouts, Highfive, and Zoom are in the middle.

Hybridge has set up Zoom video conferencing for many clients in the Bay Area and we recommend trying it out if you haven’t found something else that works well for you.

Free and easy to try on your laptop:

1. Go to in your web browser
2. Choose “sign up for free”
3. Fill in and then validate your work email address
4. Continue the sign up process by creating an account, inviting colleagues, and testing a meeting

Zoom Rooms

If you end up liking Zoom for your laptop, try the add-on Zoom Rooms. It is similar to regular Zoom for your laptop, but is designed for conference rooms. Zoom Rooms provides HD video and audio, wireless presentation sharing, only one touch to start a meeting, and the ability to conference with multiple desktop or mobile attendees. Although there are many amazing features of Zoom Rooms, it is a little more complicated to set up and requires dedicated hardware. However, Hybridge can help you purchase and set up everything if you are interested in the service and software.

If you are a Hybridge client, or would like to become one, we can design, purchase, and set up any of Zoom’s services for you. For that service or to discuss video conferencing in general, please contact us via email at info at or phone, 888-353-1763.

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