Here are some activities you may try with your family or roommates while stuck at home together:

Paint and sip night - works for all ages! Chances are you have paper and some type of paint from past projects, especially if you have kids, that you can use to create a paint and sip event one evening. The little ones get mocktails, you get a well-deserved glass of wine. Find a basic painting class on YouTube or tune into Bob Ross – although be warned, those are not as easy as they look. In any case, let creativity flow and spend an hour doing something out of the ordinary.

Cook a meal together - it can be make-your-own pizza night, or create your own burrito, but make each person responsible for a part of the dish and spend time in the kitchen together. If making pizza, there are several recipes online that only require flour, oil and water, or order pre-made dough from Trader Joe’s . Many recipes ask for yeast so add that to your shopping list on your next grocery store run and ask all family members for their favorite toppings.

Make a TikTok video together - you may not be familiar with TikTok, but your kids sure are. Stay up to date and see if they will be willing to do a dance with you and make your very own TikTok together – proving you can teach an old dog new tricks! (TikTok has questionable security so uninstall the app once you have published your creation).

Spa night! - got girls? CVS carries all kinds of face masks and potions to try. Better yet, make your own masks at home. Dads, you have to be willing to let them put masks on your face – that will be half of the fun!

Exercise – create a fitness challenge for your family – maybe spice it up with prizes at the end! Whether is number of walks/steps/hours of workout – you name it. Get them involved in setting the goals and the rewards. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise sometimes, but easier if you have a goal you are working towards.

We are in this together – so we might as well enjoy it!

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