Automakers are hedging their bets against sliding car sales by entering the electric-powered bike and scooter markets as popularity of these methods of transportation surge across most metropolitan cities. GM just announced “Ariv” and will start taking orders in select countries in Europe. BMW Is making electric bikes and motorcycles and even Harley-Davidson has unveiled an electric two-wheeler to appeal to a new generation.

What does that mean to you? You will have options! And the hefty price tags associated with electric bikes will drop due to additional competition brought on by the large auto makers as they leverage their expertise in manufacturing, battery life, distribution, and powertrains and bring this knowledge to the manufacturing of lighter, more efficient electric bikes.

While a high-end e-bike may set you back $3,500 with all the options, it is still a great savings over a car and a lot less drag on the environment! And with top speeds over 30 mph and access to bike lanes your commute could be faster than a car.

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