Are you still using an old school phone system like ShoreTel, Nortel, or Avaya? If so, it’s time to change. Cloud PBX will give you better features, more flexibility, and save you a lot of money over a traditional on-premise system.

A dependable phone solution is a necessity for your business, but it’s hard to know exactly which one to choose. VoIP vs Traditional vs Cloud PBX – you have probably heard the different terms, but what do they all mean? And what is the best phone system?

Defining Phone Solutions:

There are different terms and categories of phone solutions. Here is a breakdown of what each means:

  • VoIP is voice over internet protocol. This is a communication method that sends your phone calls over the same network as your computer. That can be just inside your office to a traditional PBX, or all the way over the Internet.
  • Traditional phone solutions use PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which is an analog system that runs via the telephone company’s traditional copper wiring, or through early high capacity circuits like T-1 or PRI. You’ll typically pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month for this.
  • Cloud PBX is a VoIP solution and complete business communications system based on VoIP plus cloud computing. Your phone calls, voicemails, and the systems that control and ring your phones all exist in the Cloud, as opposed to a piece of hardware installed in your office somewhere.
Hybridge recommends you choose Cloud PBX.

Why Cloud PBX?

A multiple employee company needs a dependable phone system. Cloud PBX is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses and here’s why:

  • Flexible features that multiply the efforts of your employees. These features include: auto-attendant, mobile conferencing, out-of-hours call forwarding, voicemail to email, find me follow me, and many more
  • No paying service or hourly fees to change extensions of features, Hybridge does it all for you
  • Works outside of the office, at home, or in remote offices
  • Saves A LOT of money
  • No additional wiring to install. It uses your existing data wiring and Internet connection
  • Makes moves, adds, and changes easy. This allows your phone system to easily expand with you as you grow, all the way up to full call-center capability if you need

Hybridge offers a hosted Cloud PBX service that includes the hardware, setup, and full support for businesses in San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you still have a traditional phone system, please contact us at info @ or 888-353-1763 for a no obligation business case comparison.

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