Security remains the number one concern of any business big or small. To maintain and enforce the integrity and security of your infrastructure, every device that attaches to your network or has access to your applications needs to conform with your stated IT policies. This is where Device Compliance comes in. In Hybridge parlance, Device Compliance refers to computers that are not covered by full IT support but are owned by you and are part of your infrastructure. These computers may be spare computers, computers assigned to Zoom rooms, or dedicated console computers for equipment like genetic sequencers.

Whether you are a Hybridge client or not, it is important to understand that these “other” computers need to be maintained, tracked, and secured just as much as those assigned to users. Security updates, anti-virus, and tracking capabilities are needed in these systems to maintain the integrity of your network. If an unsecured computer with out-of-date antivirus software attaches to your network, you have created a portal for bad actors to access the rest of the resources on your network you have worked so hard to secure. From an inventory perspective, the only way to track a device accurately and fully is through an online software application because tools such as spreadsheets are almost automatically out of date the minute they are created and cannot provide the location, logging, and status information.

For those clients with regulatory compliance requirements, all devices must comply with the security policies for your organization, and that includes devices not assigned to users. If you have questions about compliance in your network or have devices that have not been added to the Hybridge platform, email us at info at

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