Chances are you have used a VPN. Maybe you wanted to watch Netflix or log onto Facebook while you were traveling abroad, or maybe you are working remotely and need to access a server in your office. Either way, the use of this technology can become problematic.

We recommend using VPNs only for the following scenarios:

  • To access on-premise equipment (legacy servers, sequencers, or tunnels to AWS or GCP)
  • To access US-based resources (Google, New York Times) from locations that block them, such as China, Cuba, some Middle Eastern and African countries
  • To hide your web activity from the location you are in

Outside of these scenarios, using a VPN is not necessary for security reasons, as long as you heed certificate warnings.

If you do decide to use a VPN for any of the above scenarios, be aware of the downsides that come with using popular third-party VPNs such as NordVPN. Using even a highly regarded third-party VPN will not only cost you money, but will cost you a slower web browsing experience. While Nord prides itself on consumer security and peace of mind, there is a good chance they are still selling your data as they continuously track your online activity.

To mitigate risks, especially if you only need to use the VPN for work reasons, we highly recommend using the private VPN Hybridge has already set up for your company.

If you aren’t sure how to access your office VPN, or if you would like for us to set one up for your company, give us a call at (650) 421-2000 or send us an email at info(at)

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