Zoom is getting serious about forcing users to upgrade their Zoom client software. Starting November 5th Zoom clients older than v5.8.6 will no longer be able to connect to Zoom Meetings, and Zoom will require a new minimum client version every 3 months going forward. For most people this should not be an issue, the current Zoom client software version is 5.12 and Zoom generally prompts to update regularly. But if you ignore those update requests for long enough you will find yourself Zoom-less.

Software updates are important to apply quickly and regularly since many updates are to fix security vulnerabilities. Hybridge sets all computers and apps to update automatically, but some will still prompt you like Zoom, so please do update when asked (just don’t update to Windows 11). Please call Hybridge with any questions, or if you’d like us to check if you are fully updated.

For more specific information regarding the upcoming changes go to: Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy

If you have any questions regarding Zoom changes or how this may affect you, call us at 650-421-2000 or email us at info at hybridge.com. We are here to help!

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