Although every business is different, one thing is true for all businesses – communication is key. Communication is not just voice. In today’s world it includes the exchange of data and real-time collaboration with others for most job functions. The need for a communications platform that allows your employees to collaborate both internally and externally, and seamlessly, has become a priority for most businesses.

Most audio/video conferencing platforms offer a standard set of features: administrative dashboard for user management, the ability to record the session, and concurrent chat capabilities. Depending on your size, your audio and video needs, and your budget, different platforms will offer different features and price points to meet your needs. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • Supports chat, one-to-one meetings, multilocation conferences, and collaboration options like screen sharing.
  • Ease of use – fully integrated platform is feature-rich and supports on demand meetings, wireless sharing, conference room hardware and management, digital displays, etc.
  • Option for robust dual-screen conference room installation, a full solution for audio and video conferencing.


  • Packages available based on number of users with multiple video feed support.
  • Designed to be centrally managed and controlled.
  • Supports online meetings to large conferences with large meeting features like floor control and recordings.

Hangouts Meet

  • Free as part of G Suite. Thus, an easy rollout of G suite users.
  • Meet on demand but no dial-in information available in advance – a number is available only once the meeting has started.
  • Originally designed to leverage computer audio.

  • Free to everyone. Self-service setup. No presence.
  • Supports large phone conferences and video meetings.
  • Screen sharing available although the interface can be tricky.

Hybridge has helped many of our clients evaluate, select, and implement the right video and collaboration platform for their business based on their needs. If you would like help evaluating the right service for your business call us at (888) 353-1763 or email us at info and we’ll be happy to help.

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