If there is anything that we learned over the last couple of years with most of us working from home, it is that easy, fast, remote access to key corporate resources is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. While most companies have moved key applications to the cloud, one legacy piece of infrastructure that is often left behind is the file share server. If you are still using a file share server as a means to share information within your organization, it is time to move it to the cloud.

Cloud-based file share services are cheaper and easier than buying and maintaining a server in-house. However, it is the built-in security and features present in most file sharing platforms like back ups, easy restoration of deleted data, activity tracking, and web access that make them extremely attractive. If that were not enough, you’ll likely simplify other areas of your infrastructure, for example with no server you probably won’t need a VPN.

There are some challenges though: there will likely be a learning curve for your team when moving to a new application and setting up and maintaining a secure environment requires discipline and management. However, the benefits will surely outweigh the challenges.

While most platforms offer the same type of features, which one you choose needs to be carefully analyzed and needs to be viewed in the context of your greater infrastructure. For example, if you are utilizing Google Workspace it would make sense for you to look at Drive over other choices. Industry requirements, integration with other applications, and cost can play a role in your decision.

If you are still maintaining a server in-house to share files and would like to explore moving to a cloud-based solution, please contact Hybridge so we can help you decide which platform is best for you and guide your organization through this change. We can be reached at (650) 421-2000 or at info(at)hybridge.com

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