Having an ad-blocker installed on your browser has become as important as having an anti-virus on your computer. More and more viruses are now being downloaded directly along with easy-to-execute ads, making the threat potentially much more dangerous. Additionally, many ads now are intrusive, privacy-invading, and just plain rude.

Because of these factors Hybridge encourages all our clients to download uBlock Origin for Chrome, and only use Chrome as your web browser.

uBlock is a plugin created and designed to block both built-in ads in a web page as well as pop-ups and tracking code.

To install this plug-in:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Click on the three dots on your top right corner
  3. Hover over More tools and click on Extensions
  4. Click on the three lines on your top left corner
  5. Click on Open Chrome Web Store
  6. At the store, search for uBlock Origin and click Add to Chrome. It is free
  7. Click on Add extension when the option pops up
  8. On your browser’s top right corner, you should now be able to see the uBlock shield

For certain older websites it might be necessary to deactivate uBlock, and while not advisable, here are the steps to disable your ad-blocker:

  1. Click the uBlock shield next to your browser address bar
  2. Click the Power icon to temporarily disable uBlock for that page
  3. Remember to turn it back on when done by following steps one and two

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