Hybridge is frequently asked “is this email legit, or phishing?”. In 99% of cases the emails are phishing, and in fact, if you have to ask, then for sure it is phishing. And pretty much everything else asking you to click on something, buy something, or do something is also phishing.

One campaign going the rounds now that made us smile is from your “CEO” or “Managing Partner” asking you to help them by buying gift cards for the team for a holiday surprise bonus. And, conveniently, they don’t want you to check with anyone or call them about it because that would ruin the surprise! Quite clever.

So, as always, please never click on or believe anything in email, ever! And if anything pops up and asks for your password, or asks you to run or install something, please delete or ignore it. Please call or email Hybridge with any security questions or concerns, we are here to help.

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