Three years ago we wrote a blog post about Zoom Video Conferencing. Many, many Zoom Room installs later we still fully endorse Zoom and recommend it to all of our clients that are looking to host video web conferences in conference or board rooms. If you have yet to read that blog post, make sure to click here first to learn more about Zoom Video Conferences and Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Rooms are similar to regular Zoom, but designed for conference rooms. These include HD video and audio, wireless presentation sharing, often two screens, and the ability to conference in multiple attendees through various platforms. Originally a dedicated iPad was required to control the Zoom Room, which worked well but was another piece of hardware to manage, upgrade, and secure, and, if left off the charger for too long, would disable the Zoom Room.

The Polycom Trio 8800 (~$1000) is a new combo device Hybridge recently started using for our Zoom Room installs. The Trio acts as an all-in-one device for your Zoom Rooms, replacing the need for an iPad, charging stand, and table-top microphones, and adds the additional functionality of a Polycom conference phone with a regular phone number for those who just want to dial into a bridge. Just like an iPad, it has a touch screen that allows you to start, stop, and control Zoom Room conferences, and its built-in microphone and optional extension mic pods deliver clear sound from every participant in a conference room.

All of these ease-of-use benefits at roughly the same cost is the reason Hybridge uses Polycom Trios in most of our Zoom Room designs. If you have any questions about the Polycom Trio, Zoom Rooms, or want us to install one for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info @ or call us at 888-353-1763.

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