Our long-time clients will know that we have relied on MozyPro for laptop and desktop backup for many years. MozyPro has been a secure, reliable, and powerful part of our technology suite since 2009, saving many clients from significant pain and business cost after hard drive failure or computer loss or theft.

Originally owned by storage giant EMC, Mozy merged into DellEMC after EMC’s acquisition by Dell in 2016.

Last year DellEMC sold Mozy to Carbonite, a consumer-oriented backup service, and earlier this year Carbonite announced their intent to shut down the MozyPro service, likely because its high availability and reliable service cost more to maintain than their more home-targeted brand.

Since backup is an essential part of the comprehensive IT package Hybridge provides to our clients, earlier this year we embarked on a selection process for a secure, low-impact, and highly reliable backup service for our clients. We have selected Acronis, widely recognized as the best comprehensive cloud backup provider in the market today, as our new backup partner.

Acronis was founded in 2003 to focus on backup and business continuity, and now has 1,800 employees worldwide supporting over 50,000 partners, including Hybridge, to provide unparalleled backup security and reliability to millions of users.

Our migration to Acronis is well underway. You have probably already been contacted by our team for your migration, if not you will be soon. We look forward to many years of data security and peace of mind with our new world-class backup partner. And if you are not a Hybridge client and you are still using Mozy, Carbonite, Barracuda, Datto, or (worse) tape, hard drives, or no backup for your business, please get in touch today and we can secure the future of your business.

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