Strong cybersecurity strategies are the best way to protect yourself and your business. Did you know there is a cyberattack every 39 seconds, 94% of malware is delivered by email, and 43% of breach victims were small and medium businesses? These could cost your business thousands of dollars in lost productivity as well as fines and legal fees. And while some small businesses recover from a catastrophic data loss, over 80% go out of business in the next two years following the attack. Non-catastrophic data losses can tarnish your brand name and lead to a loss of public trust in your company.

The best way to protect yourself AND YOUR COMPANY is to have a robust cybersecurity culture within your organization. Create a culture in which cybersecurity is part of your day-to-day. Hybridge can help with regular web mini courses, periodic phishing tests, and security content you can send out in your employee communications. We can also provide more structured online and in person training and testing, including creating content specific to your environment.

For Firms handling sensitive information, or subject to SEC, FINRA, ISO, SOC 2, or pretty much any compliance regime there are three documents that are always required: an Information/Cyber Security Policy, a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Policy, and Employee IT Guidelines which explain to employees how to comply with the policies. Hybridge can help you create and tailor these polices to your business and compliance requirements.

An Information Security Policy includes:

  • Who is responsible for data security and IT policy within the organization
  • Definitions of the type(s) of data you have, where it is, and how it is protected
  • How the organization will assess and mitigate internal and external risks
  • How employees and third-party providers will access and dispose of data securely
  • An Incident Response and Disaster Plan

A Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Policy includes:

  • Which systems and services are essential for the operation of the organization
  • How the organization will operate in the event of unavailability of these services
  • How communications will be maintained with clients, investors, business partners, and regulators in the event of a significant business disruption

Employee IT Guidelines include:

  • Explainations to employees about what they should and should not do with respect to IT, and their essential role in keeping your organization safe from cyber crime

Cybersecurity culture ensures that your company is equipped with the knowledge and motivation necessary to combat security threats. It is more than just a set of documents or policies; it is a learned and practiced behavior across your company.

If you would like more information on how Hybridge can help with your cybersecurity culture or policies, or want more information about cybersecurity in general email us at info (at) and we will be happy to help you throughout the process.

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