Have you gained the quarantine-15? Or is it more like the quarantine-30? It’s been 10 months since most folks were able to set foot in a gym. With the prospect of a long winter of hibernation at home staring us in the face, investing in home fitness equipment might be what’s needed to take your physical and mental health back into your own hands. The products below highlight the latest trends and apps in home fitness and have one quality in common: they take minimal space in your home.

Apple Fitness+ - Apple Fitness+ is a new fitness service powered by Apple Watch. You can choose from a wide variety of different workouts led by expert trainers that monitor your heart rate and calories burned, and are simultaneously synced to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. It uses the statistics from your Apple Watch to personalize each workout specifically for you. From cycling to dance to HIIT and strength, Apple Fitness+ gives you the ability to choose between a wide variety of workout options.

TRX - For those that don’t know, TRX is bodyweight suspension training program. It incorporates traditional workouts with the added weight of your legs or arms being suspended in air via straps attached to a stationary frame. These workouts are killer for your core and upper body and the TRX straps take up minimal storage space.

Peloton - This connected stationary bike is one the best on the market. It offers users a unique, exciting, and supportive indoor cycling experience right in your home. You can either ride with classes, ride alone or join a group of people like yourself to spin together. Not only does Peloton have one of the best interactive cycling experiences, but they also offer a treadmill and app that has the same interactive workout routines and personalized training schedules.

Mirror – This virtual interactive workout system is your own personal coach. It lets your challenge and connect with friends, track your results, and compete against others to push yourself to your goals. It has a customizable playlist and top certified trainers from around the world to give you live motivation and feedback.

Tempo – This virtual home gym is similar to Mirror, but Tempo incorporates weightlifting into your workout regime. Tempo is equipped with a variety of built-in weights and two steel barbells to use throughout your workout. The device tracks your weight, counts your reps, and provides form feedback.

Echelon – This brand basically has all of the virtual home workout systems. They have five different stationary bikes, two different reflective trainers, two different types of rowers, and mobile apps for all devices. Competitively priced, this brand is a one stop shop for all your home fitness needs.

These might be the gifts that help you make it through the next quarantine. We know we’re not the only ones who are ready to get back in shape. If you’re not thinking about spoiling yourself with one of these gifts and want a new computer instead, contact us for recommendations at Hybridge.com

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