So, it’s back to the intensive shelter in place measures, and we’ve come a long way from the first time it was implemented. Many of us have been working from home since March, but there are a few essential companies (including Hybridge) that were able to return to their offices. Now that we all are mostly back to exclusively working from home, it’s best we don’t make the same mistakes we did before and prepare ourselves for success. Here are a few key things to consider to make sure your work-from-home experience is the best that it can be… all things considered.

Computers – obviously, this is a no brainer. You want to make sure you and your team are prepared to work from home without any issues. That includes all peripherals with your system like mouse, keyboard, and docking station. Also the first time round many people had to use home computers, or previously-mothballed Windows 7 computers, these should all be replaced now with Firm-owned Windows 10 or MacOS computers. If you need to use virtual backgrounds then you’ll need a recent i5 or i7 processor. Check out our blog about the types of computers we suggest to optimize your work-from-home experience.

Connectivity – if you still have on-premise servers in your office did you upgrade your office network to accommodate VPN (virtual private network) or secure remote desktop options for your team, and encourage your team to upgrade their home Internet? If not, we can help. By now we know that a bad Internet connection is one of the worst experiences to go through, especially with a big meeting scheduled for that day at 10:00am. If you already upgraded your home network and are still having issues with your Internet try these tips and tricks, or contact Hybridge to learn about our advanced home networking options.

Collaboration tools – has your team been working around a 40 min time limit for the free popular conference call application? Do you need a more secure solution for the entire team, so you are not relying on people’s free personal subscriptions? Our Anymeeting service is equal in functionality yet cheaper in price and even free if you already have your voice service through Hybridge. Additionally, Slack and Google Hangouts have audio, video, and messaging features. Both are business messaging and meeting applications with tight integration with your other day-to-day office applications like Zendesk, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Phones - since your office is closed, customers leaving a voicemail message on your office line might not be the most efficient way to reach you, and you don’t want customers calling employees directly on their personal cellphones. Transitioning to a VoIP solution that allows you to “take your phone with you” and keeps you connected with teammates and customers is the right answer. Hybridge has a full-featured, cost-effective, HD-voice solution we can migrate you to in a matter of hours.

Desk setup – by now you know that working hunched over on your bed is not the best for you. If you haven’t already, it may be best to invest in some ergonomic furniture and accessories this time around. Take advantage of the holiday season and find some good deals. Trust us, your back will thank you.

We know working from home isn’t ideal, but Hybridge is here to make it at least bearable. If you’d like any more information about what your work from home situation should look like, please contact us at

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