It is Back to School time! Some parents say it is the happiest time of the year…But seriously, education is very important for the kids, but keeping yourself and your professional team learning is essential for corporate success.

While training can be expensive, remember you're investing in one of your company’s most prized assets, your people! Training doesn’t relate just to enhancing the skills related to specifically to your job, training in “soft” skills – communication, leadership, management skills – can be just as important.

There is a proven ROI for corporate training as you are investing in skills that already exists internally. When you look at hiring a resource from the outside versus expanding the skill set of a proven resource, it is easy to see the benefit of the latter. In addition, corporate training improves morale and increases employee satisfaction.

Hybridge, like many of our clients, invests in training for our team. Here are a couple of examples of courses our team attended and enjoyed:

  • CMNA (Certified Meraki Networking Associate) Program. Hybridge, as a major Cisco and Meraki partner, sends all of our engineers through this program. It entails substantial theoretical and hands-on prep work and study in both network fundamentals and the specifics of the Cisco Meraki stack. The actual test is a full day and requires building several wired and wifi networks, and knowledge of all Cisco Meraki products. As a benefit of this program each engineer receives a full stack of Cisco Meraki hardware that can be used to test various client scenarios or reproduce problems, as well as the much-coveted CMNA Polo Shirt.
  • Fred Pryor Learning Solutions “Transitioning to Supervisor”. As our engineers gain skills and experience, we want them to learn team and project leadership skills as well as technical skills. A first step on this path is this course, which covers many of the challenges of handling more responsibility for both client deliverables as well as team members. Hybridge colleagues come back from this course with a new appreciation for the non-technical challenges of our business, as well as many useful new tools and techniques to practice.

Investing in our team is the right solution for us, and for most companies.

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