Microsoft has announced that a significant exploit of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server has been detected, giving attackers full access to user emails and passwords on affected servers. These critical vulnerabilities are being actively exploited. While fixes and patches from Microsoft have already been issued to mitigate the problem, the number of estimated victims to this exploit has continued to grow.

If you’re a Hybridge client, don’t worry. If you are one of our Cloud Exchange clients then Microsoft’s mitigation patches were installed on the Cloud servers within 24 hours of release, and subsequent investigation by one of the security companies that discovered the vulnerabilities has not found any evidence of compromise.

Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace were not affected by this vulnerability.

Even after this vulnerability, by far the most frequent cause for a security breach is someone clicking on a malicious link or Microsoft attachment in an email message. Please keep reminding all your team never to click on or believe anything that they receive by email. These attacks are called phishing: for more information about malicious phishing emails, check out our blog post here.

Security threats like these are the reason Hybridge stays on top of cybersecurity news and press releases to better assist and protect our clients. For more information about our coverage plans, please contact us on our website here or by email at info (at)

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