Hybridge installs Google Chrome as the default browser for virtually all our clients, the combination of speed and security make it the best choice at the moment. Recently Google launched a new design update that added a few nifty features. Staying true to the vision to be a “window to the web”, Google Chrome is now expanding that vision on its 10th anniversary to allow its users to “See more and do more”.


The Chrome Omnibox is your regular web browser address bar but made smart. It allows you to use it as a mini search engine, spitting out answers to simple questions without having to direct you to a new page.

Expanding the “window to the web” you can now directly browse for:

  • Your own Google Drive documents
  • A website that you might currently have open but lost on a different tab


If you allow Google to safely store your information in your Google Account, the smarter browser will more accurately fill in your saved passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers. Also, to help increase accessibility, your information will be made available for desktop as well as mobile as long as you are logged into your Google account.

Improved Password Manager

Where before the Password Manager’s function was simply to store your password, it will now generate and suggest a randomized strong password as you sign up to a new site. It will also prevent you from using the same password in multiple sites. And since the browser’s information will be available in desktop and mobile, Hybridge recommends you only use this feature if you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled in your Google account.

Updated Security

While you may not spot visible changes, Chrome has many “behind the scenes” security improvements, such as site isolation, page movement to HTTPS and a reinforced ad filter.

Updated Easter Egg Dino Game

If you have not found Chrome’s offline Easter Egg Dino Game, check it out next time your internet goes out. You’ll find that Chrome developers bothered updating the game to include birthday cakes, balloons, and party hats. Glad to see Google finds joy in the little details.

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