We are in the midst of the Holiday season which means numerous Holiday parties as well as gift buying and giving. You might have the holidays figured out for your friends and family, but what about for your office? December can get a little stressful if you have to plan a Holiday office party and gift exchange, so here are a few tips to help you out.

Holiday Office Party

A holiday office party should be a chance for employees to take a break from work and come together to have fun and relax. Here is how you can make your holiday party stand out from the rest:

  • Incorporate a special cause – The holiday season is all about giving, so why not volunteer or donate this year? An easy way to do this is by incorporating a toy or canned food drive into your office holiday festivities.
  • Christmas around the world – Instead of having traditional American holiday food, try doing a potluck that incorporates Christmas cuisine from around the world.
  • See a holiday show together – Go see the nutcracker or even a comedy show as a team this year. It’s something different as well as a chance to get out of the office.
  • Create a homemade photo booth – Want something that will spice up your office party? Create a photo booth with funny holiday props, a sheet or banner as the background, and a Polaroid camera. This is something fun that will also allow you and your employees to capture the memories.

Office Gift Giving

Giving gifts to coworkers can get a little tricky. You don’t want to leave anyone out and also need to give something people actually want. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out this year:

  • Company gifts – It is hard to give something meaningful to every employee. The easiest way to do this is to give a holiday bonus or an extra day off.
  • Gift cards – Instead of taking everyone out to dinner, why not give them a gift card or gift certificate to a local restaurant. This allows them to take their friends or family out to dinner during the holiday season.
  • Secret Santa – A Secret Santa is a fun way to do a holiday gift exchange and people only have to focus on buying a gift for one person. Everyone picks a person and has to buy a gift within the price limit. Have each person fill out a survey to make gift giving a little easier.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange – There are many different rules for this type of gift exchange. Play it where everyone brings a gag gift or they have to “re-gift” something they got from last year.

No matter what you end up doing for a holiday office party or what gift you give, make sure your employees and coworkers feel appreciated and have a little fun this holiday season.

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