At Hybridge, we always recommend that our clients use two internet service providers. Why? Well, internet service providers are a lot like airlines - often they have problems and delays, sometimes within their control and sometimes not, and when there is a problem there is not much that can be done besides just wait for them to investigate and fix it.

With two internet providers you use the bandwidth of both, and when one goes down we switch all traffic to the remaining provider, keeping your company online.

The primary internet providers we use in the Bay Area are WiLine, Comcast, AT&T Fiber, Level 3, and Webpass. However, the internet service realm is in the process of changing and growing which might mean a change for you.

Google Fiber's New Acquisition

Did you hear that Webpass was acquired by Google Fiber on June 22nd? For a little background, Webpass was founded in 2003 and is a San Francisco based internet service provider. They operated their own hybrid fiber/radio network across many buildings in the city, and their simple month-to-month flat rate service made them attractive to many clients.

Meanwhile, Google Fiber is an Alphabet Inc. (Google), subsidiary that was launched in 2011. They are a broadband internet and cable television provider that was first tested in a small community in Palo Alto and then established in Kansas City. Since then, they have slowly grown to other cities throughout the United States such as Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, and Salt Lake City, offering very high bandwidth for a very low price.

How does this affect you?

The acquisition of Webpass will jump-start Google’s network build in San Francisco. Additionally, Google’s resources should improve the reliability and quality of Webpass’ services, which has suffered recently.

If you are a Hybridge client in the City, there is a good chance we have Webpass set up as one of your internet providers. We are not yet sure of the exact impact this acquisition will have on current clients of Webpass, but we are hoping it will be positive and exciting! We will keep you updated on what is happening and if any changes need to be made (don’t worry, we will take care of any necessary changes).

In the meantime, if you have any questions about internet options, speed, or your current provider, please contact us via email, info at, or phone, 888-353-1763.

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