Do you have a desk job that requires you to sit for the majority of the day? Although sitting is relaxing, it can also be painful to do for an extended period of time. Sitting all day may lead to eye strain and pain in your shoulder, back, arm, wrist, and neck. However, there are ways to help avoid and alleviate these pains without having to invest in a standing desk or when the pain persists even with a standing desk.

Tips to survive sitting at your desk all day:

1. Make sure everything is the proper height.

You want to sit in a chair height where your shoulders can be relaxed and pulled back, you’re sitting up tall, and your forearms are parallel to the ground. If you are standing, you still want to make sure that your forearms and shoulders are relaxed.

2. Pick a good chair.

This could take a little time to try out the best chair for you. Make sure it has an adjustable height, a solid cushion to sit on, and lower back support.

3. Practice good posture.

Sure, it’s hard to sit completely straight the whole day. However, there are tips on how to improve your posture at your desk which can also help alleviate pain. Some tips include: keep your ears in line with your shoulders, practice small shoulder and chest exercises, pull back your shoulder blades, and keep your feet flat on the ground (no crossing your legs).

4. Set your computer and desktop correctly.

Whether you work with a laptop or desktop computer, make sure the height is adjusted so you can look straight ahead and not have to adjust your neck angle. This might mean getting a stand for your laptop or monitor.

5. Make sure to move!

Don’t sit in one position throughout your work day. Every 20 minutes, do something. This could mean anything from rolling your shoulders and stretching your neck to taking a quick walk around the office.

6. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule.

As some of you may have seen previously, it is also important to follow the 20-20-20 rule to avoid straining your eyes. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

It can be difficult to follow all of these tips, especially when you get caught up with work. However, making a couple of these adjustments each day can help you feel better and survive sitting (or standing) at a desk all day.

*These tips are not recommendations directly from a doctor. They were accumulated from different online sources, studies, and personal advice and knowledge.

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