At Hybridge, we stress the importance of keeping your data safe—from creating secure and different passwords to using cloud storage. However, protecting your workplace and personal objects is just as important. It does you no good to secure your data, and then get your computer stolen!

Security for Your Workplace

Most crimes are directed toward offices that have little or no security planning in place. According to the Office of Procurement and Property Management, the first step to security in the workplace is asking basic questions such as:

  • What is your office’s target potential?
  • What is the office attitude toward security?
  • Who is responsible for the overall security program?
  • What kind of physical security systems and controls are presently used?

Most crimes are directed toward offices that have little or no security planning in place.

5 Steps to Protecting Your Office

After reviewing these questions and making sure a security plan is in place and someone is in charge, there are five steps your office can take to create a safer and more secure environment.

  1. Fit a monitored alarm system. This is a great deterrent for thieves and it will send an emergency alert to a local station.
  2. Put up security lighting. 60% of burglaries happen at night, so having a well-lit office and even infrared security lighting that activates when a person enters its field is another deterrent.
  3. Install CCTV cameras. If you answered “high risk” to your office’s target potential in the questions above, you should think about investing in CCTV cameras. Talk to Hybridge about affordable Nest Cams that keep many of our clients secure.
  4. Tag computer equipment. If you are a Hybridge client, we already tag all computer equipment for you. We also recommend Mobile Device Management (MDM) which takes it one step further. With MDM, if a computer is ever stolen, you would be able to track it and remote-wipe its contents.
  5. Upgrade your locks. Along with checking that you have upgraded and secured all locks, you should also confirm that only the people that absolutely need a key, have one.

Some of these steps are simply precautions and extra measures. However, it is important that your office and physical belongings are just as safe and secure as your data. If you have any questions concerning office or data security, please contact us via email, info at, or phone, 888-353-1763.

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